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ROTARY SCREW PARTS. Most rotary screw air compressors are complicated machines. Here are most of the parts that make up a typical rotary screw air compressor. Shaft Sleeve Kits Gears Belts Drive Couplings Shaft Sleeves Housings Covers Rods Plungers Gauges Pistons Orifice Scavenge Lines Hoses O-Rings Gaskets Fan Intercooler After cooler Combo Cooler Gas Springs Tensioner Timer Drain Valves Moisture Traps Contacts Contact Kits Interlock Transformer Relay Blocks Water Separator Fan Motor Controller Solenoid Switch Flex Seal Motherboard Y-Delta Timer Card Solenoid Valves Safety Valves Hydraulic Cylinder Hour meter V-Belt Module Relief Valve Radiator Air End

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