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air compressor repair

air compressor pump sales and service.

compressor pump repairs and service throughout the Dallas, Forth Worth areas..



Like a small internal combustion engine (SIMILAR TO YOUR CAR), a conventional piston compressor has a crankshaft, a connecting rod and piston, a cylinder and a valve head. The crankshaft is driven by either an electric motor or a gas engine. While there are small models that are comprised of just the pump and motor, most compressors have an air tank to hold a quantity of air within a preset pressure range. This compressed air in the tank drives the air tools, and the motor turns on and off automatically to maintain pressure in the tank.

At the top of the cylinder, you'll find a valve head that holds the inlet and discharge valves. (Don't worry about knowing which is which, let the experts at H&K PUMP check it out and give you an estimate to either fix it or replace it). Now, as the piston moves down, a vacuum is created above it. This allows outside air at atmospheric pressure to push open the inlet valve and fill the area above the piston. As the piston moves up, the air above it compresses, holds the inlet valve shut and pushes the discharge valve open. The air moves from the discharge port to the tank. With each stroke, more air enters the tank and the pressure rises.


Rebuilding an air compressor pump takes a lot of time, a lot of tools, and a lot of parts. To properly break down an air compressor pump and diagnose the problem may take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours of time. A myriad of issues may come to your attention like: the bearings are busted; or the crankshaft front housing seal is leaking; or the piston rods have dug into the crankshaft and won't move freely. Take a look at the pictures below and decide if you want to try this yourself or if you want the experts at H&K to repair it for you.

Remember, if you decide to try it yourself, here are just a few tools that you will need:

1. impact tools, wrenches and sockets, hammers, lock ring pliers, punches, benches, and screwdrivers

2. an air compressor

3. a vice

4. a press

5. a torch

6. wire

7. a test stand

8. oil

9. pressure tester

10. grease/ lubricant

in total, you should have around $7K - 10K dollars just in tools and equipment in order to disassemble and rebuild your air compressor pump...


The cost to rebuild a pump varies from one machine to another. It typically takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to completely break down the machine and determine what the issues are. To do it right, you should remove and replace your bearings; replace all the seals; replace all the gaskets; replace all the rings on both the high and low pressure pistons; replace the valves along with the valve gaskets; hone the cylinders and change out the oil. This process with removing and pressing in the bearings and cleaning up the machine; reattaching all the lines and testing the machine on a test stand can and will take anywhere from 5-8 hours depending on the size and complexity of your pump. The average cost to completely rebuild a 5-10 HP pump is anywhere from $800 - $1,500 dollars and will take between 2-5 business days to rebuild. If done correctly, it should last you for decades to come.


CARACTERÍSTICAS Y BENEFICIOS LA CONSTRUCCIÓN DE BOMBA MÁS DURADERA DISPONIBLE La meticulosa selección de materiales garantiza una fiabilidad a larga vida. 

• Cilindros y Cabezas de hierro fundido 100% 

• Cigüeñal duradero y resistente a la corrosión 

• Reduce el estrés térmico para una mayor confiabilidad 

• Cilindros y Cabeza de hierro fundido con aletas profundas para funcionamiento en frío 

• La bomba de giro lento aumenta la vida útil de la bomba DISEÑO INDUSTRIAL El compresor de aire alternativo más robusto de su clase. 

• Proporciona presiones más altas, mejor eficiencia y mayor vida útil 

• Listo para manejar aplicaciones resistentes y de servicio pesado QUALITY COMPONENTS Para una mayor vida útil del producto y un rendimiento continuo. 

• Los rodamientos de rodillos principales de grado industrial se ajustan con precisión para soportar todas las partes giratorias 

• El sistema de válvulas de acero inoxidable de alto flujo y servicio pesado ofrece más cfm por caballo de fuerza 

• El intercooler robusto aumenta la eficiencia del compresor 

• El filtro/silenciador de entrada de metal es superior al de plástico 

• Protector de banda de acero estampado de alta resistencia 

• Descargadores de cabezal con válvula de succión para el funcionamiento continuo de los compresores de aire


Baldor air compressor motors

We repair, sell and install new air compressor motors on all compressors models including:

Quincy air compressor motors.

Curtis air compressor motors.

Champion air compressor motors.

Ingersoll Rand air compressor motors.

Campbell Hausfeld air compressor motors.

Kellogg air compressor motors.

Baldor Electric - General Purpose Motor10 HP 3-Phase 3475 RPM Voltage 208-230/460 Frame 213TC.

Baldor Electric - 5 HP General Purpose Motor Capacitor-Start 1725 RPM Voltage 230 Frame 184T.

Baldor Electric - 7-1/2 HP General Purpose Motor 3-Phase 1770 RPM Voltage 230/460 Frame 213T.

Baldor Electric - 10 HP General Purpose Motor 3-Phase 3490 RPM Voltage 230/460 Frame 215T.

Baldor Electric - 7-1/2 HP General Purpose Motor Capacitor-Start 1725 RPM Voltage 230 Frame 215T.

Air compressor motor- 2 HP General Purpose Motor Capacitor-Start 3450 RPM Voltage 115/230 Frame 56C.

Air compressor motor- 3 HP General Purpose Motor 3-Phase 1760 RPM Voltage 208-230/460 Frame 182TC.

Air compressor motor- 5 HP General Purpose Motor 3-Phase 3450 RPM Voltage 230/460 Frame 184TC.

Air compressor motor- 7-1/2 HP General Purpose Motor Capacitor-Start/Run 1745 RPM Voltage 230 Frame 215T.

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