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Rotary screw compressors are great in automotive shops and collision repair facilities, however, it pays to do some homework upfront to ensure the application makes sense. At a minimum, have H&K come out to your facility and check the following before buying a rotary screw machine. Make sure it�??s the right size �?? A walk-through assessment or air audit of your shop is the best way to tell what size rotary machine you need. Ensure your demand profile is appropriate �?? This means ensuring that air demand is consistent enough to warrant a rotary machine. Again, a walk-through assessment is a great way to determine this but engaging a local air expert is a good backup. And finally, once you buy the machine, make sure that it�??s installed and maintained per the operator manual by a qualified rotary screw service center H&K is located in Dallas, Texas: 214-428-2868

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